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HELIOS positions

We are not accepting applications for the HELIOS project anymore – 10 researchers were recruited for the PhD positions in the HELIOS project.

We thank all applicants for the 10 DN positions. The HELIOS Recruitment Committee has selected the following candidates:

Selected Doctoral Candidates:

DC1 Hannah Weber (Austria)
DC2 Pritish Nayak (India)
DC3 Ankur Agnihotri (India)
DC4 Gaurav Verma (India)
DC5 Mohammad Jafarzadeh (Iran)
DC6 Mert Saraçoğlu (Türkiye)
DC7 Terence Lucero Menor (Philippines)
DC8 Kunwar Shivam Pratap (India)
DC9 Yuhan Sun (China)
DC10 Rim Boulahya (Morocco)

We thank all 189 applicants for the 10 DN positions during the first recruitment session. The HELIOS Recruitment Committee has preselected the following candidates:

Preselected candidates:

Abdul Razziq (Pakistan)
Pritish Nayak (India)
Saeid Mohammadian (Iran)
Nishan Simkhada (Norway)
Terence Lucero Menor (Philippines)
Mert Saraçoğlu (Türkiye)
Kunwar Shivam Pratap (India)

Yuhan Sun (China)
Amir Hossein Assari (Iran)
Rim BOULAHYA (Morocco)
Said Fadyl (Morocco)
Mohammad Jafarzadeh (Iran)
Raseem Ahmed Razak (India)

[Withdrew: Soetkin Barbaix (Belgium), Charalampos Poulopoulos (Greece), Mutaz Chahrour (Iraq), Asfand Shahab (Pakistan)]

The preselected candidates list is not final. A few more names may be added during the following days.

Instructions concerning the Recruitment Event (template for presentation, agenda information etc.) will be provided to the preselected candidates.

The second recruitment session is ongoing. Please find below the still available DC positions looking for suitable candidates.

Available positions