Doctoral Network on the adoption of Hydrogen mEtalLurgy In the climate-neutral production Of Steel - HELIOS

DC5: Hydrogen plasma-based reduction of chromite/chromium oxide for stainless steel production

Project title: Hydrogen plasma-based reduction of chromite/chromium oxide for stainless steel production (WP2)

Host Institution: K1-MET

Country: Austria

Supervisor: Michael Zarl (K1MET) – Co-supervisors: Johannes Schenk(MUL), Mikko Jokinen (LUX)


  • Study the reduction of pure Cr2O3 under hydrogen plasma conditions;
  • Find a suitable method to evaluate the kinetic parameters for the reduction;
  • Investigate the reduction of synthetic mixtures to simulate the behaviour of real chromium containing ores;

Expected results: 

  • Proof of concept of the reduction of Cr2O3 in laboratory scale with the use of hydrogen plasma;
  • Method created for the evaluation of the kinetics of the reduction process;
  • Definition of the influences of various oxides on the reduction process of Cr2O3;

Enrolment in Doctoral degree(s): Montanuniversitaet Leoben

Planned secondments:

Host: Luxmet; Supervisor: Mikko Jokinen; Timing: M25; Length: 1 months; Purpose: Analysis of spectrometric data from HPSR reduction process for process control

Host: Montanuniversitaet Leoben; Supervisor: Johannes Schenk; Timing: M14-15; Length: 2 months; Purpose: Training in HPSR demo plant operation

Candidate requirements: 

  • You have a full academic qualification (diploma/master) in a scientific discipline within technical or natural sciences (metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physics, or related fields).
  • You possess a strong background in physics or chemical engineering, with a particular emphasis on plasma physics or metallurgy.
  • You demonstrate excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, enabling you to contribute to process understanding and identify innovative methods.
  • You exhibit strong dedication and motivation to contribute to the development of unique and relevant solutions for leading companies in the metal producing industries.
  • You possess social competences and an accessible personality, allowing you to effectively solve problems as part of a team.
  • You have decent presentation skills and autonomous time management capabilities, which are desired for the role.
  • You are capable of working both autonomously and as part of a team, collaborating effectively with researchers from different backgrounds.
  • You have a proficiency in the English language, which is obligatory for the position, and proficiency in the German language would be advantageous.
  • You have a willingness to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field and apply new knowledge to the project.