Doctoral Network on the adoption of Hydrogen mEtalLurgy In the climate-neutral production Of Steel - HELIOS

DC10: Sustainability and economical assessment of future steelmaking routes

Project title: Sustainability and economical assessment of future steelmaking routes (WP3)

Host Institution: KU Leuven

Country: Belgium

Supervisor: Karel Van Acker (KUL) – Co-supervisors: Yongxiang Yang (TUD)


  • Determine the environmental impacts and possible hotspots in the developed metallurgical flowsheets;
  • Assess the economic viability of emerging hydrogen metallurgical routes for a multitude of (policy and economic) scenarios;
  • Assess the decarbonisation potential and possible shifts in burden of hydrogen metallurgy in Europe;

Expected results: 

  • Model and results for environmental and economic sustainability of new hydrogen steel production routes;
  • Decarbonisation potential and environmental impact of the transition towards hydrogen metallurgy in Europe;

Enrolment in Doctoral degree(s): KU Leuven Arenberg Doctoral School

Planned secondments:

Host: TU Delft; Supervisor: Yongxiang Yang; Timing: M22-24; Length: 3 months; Purpose: Analysis of process conditions in the H-DRI-EAF/OBSF-BOF route, and its environmental and economic implications.

Host: Aperam; Supervisor: Guillaume Lefebvre; Timing: M35-36; Length: 2 months; Purpose: Development of economic models to study the shift in the market by applying hydrogen-plasma reduction processes for stainless steel production

Candidate requirements: 

  • You hold a  master’s degree in materials, metallurgical, energy or mechanical engineering engineering science, or engineering technology) or in business engineering with a strong technological background, or you can show similar experience in a related field.
  • Specific expertise in one or more of the following areas is mandatory: LCA, criticality assessments, economic modeling, and environmental LCC.
  • You have a scientific, critical attitude and thrive in an interdisciplinary research environment.
  • You can demonstrate your interest in sustainability issues.
  • You have good communication and presentation skills, proficient in English.
  • You have an independent working style, and at the same time also a good team player.
  • You are enthusiastic and motivated, ready to participate in personal training, international exchanges, and public awareness activities.